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Plato Essay

            "So much for the view of the soul that our predecessors have handed down. Let us now return and make a new start, trying to determine what the soul is and what account of it best applies to all souls in common."" .
             "Aristotle, "On the Soul- .
             This quote speaks volumes about the attitude of philosophers like Socrates, whose work was put to parchment by Plato, and Artistotle. The exciting thing about these important figures in philosophical history is that their passion for independent thought, which is alive and well in every text you read. Plato's version of Socrates and Artistotle's lecture notes both feverishly seek out new interpretations and theories of the world surrounding us and the world within us, and produce ideas whose ultimate result is the inspiration of thousands upon thousands. .
             Two telling accounts of these philosopher's work "Aristotles's "On the Soul- and Plato's "Socrate's Apology- "not only bring fasicating philosophical journeys to light but also reveal motives of each author. While both works have similar theories about the soul and the universe we live in (though the wording of similar ideas may be extremely different in each case) Plato's example of Socrates brings to life a character who embodies the wisdom he his unwillingly teaching, while Aristotle's pursuit of ultimate truth excludes any personal anecdote from the text. Plato's character helps the ideas on the page come to life in a way an intellectual discourse with the students of the world cannot. .
             One comparison of ideas can be drawn from Aristotle and Plato's belief about things not of this dimension, demonstrated through Socrates and Aristotle's text. The philosophies of the two minds constantly concern themselves with the ethereal, the things not of the Earth. Aristotle refers to certain ideas about the cosmos, while Socrates' proof of belief in the supernatural roots from his actions.

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