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            The beliefs of Plato and Aristotle can be both valid and invalid in many different ways. This is true for many ancient philosophers. Their ideas can often be hard to touch upon due to changes in things such as time, society, technology and even knowledge. I believe that neither Plato nor Aristotle has complete grasp on their philosophy of life, for as much as the two contradict one another, they also tie in with each other and logically, I believe, one can almost not make sense without the other. I was assigned to choose one of the two whose beliefs I agree with more for this essay. .
             Personally, as I mentioned already, I think neither is completely valid and I also believe that without Plato's views coming into play, Aristotle's views are quite passé. I was also assigned to write this essay using examples of personal experience. Although regardless I do ultimately agree with the ideas of Aristotle over those of Plato, I also feel that ultimate agreement with Plato in this essay would be somewhat illogical and contradicting of the itinerary expected. Aristotle believes in experience as reason and Plato does not. .
             Plato's philosophy I believe contradicts its self in more then the way Aristotle brings to our attention about the senses being separate from the mystical world of the minds. I also somewhat disagree with this Aristotle on this as is evident later on in this essay. I think it is also a contradiction on Plato's behalf to say that experience fools us, but to also believe that people with expertise should have power over those without. I don't understand how one can have expertise on anything without experience. Without the word experience the word expertise would not even exist. I do however, agree with .
             Plato believed that life experiences can indeed fool or deceive, but without being fooled or deceived by experience, we would have nothing to learn from. This is where I believe the two views of these philosophers tie in together.

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