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Shoeless Joe

            A man who hears voices, most people would think that this person would be insane, which is what people in a peaceful Iowa town presumed, but in the Ray Kinsella's case, he was just following the most distinct directions he was every giving. On a farm on the verge of bankruptcy, and in a town in the middle of Iowa is where Ray first heard it. It was just like any other day, and Ray Kinsella was plowing the cornfield when he heard the voice, the voice that would change his life indefinitely. "If you build it, he will come". Ray looked around in shock, as if he was imagining it. Then once more the voice spoke, and once more Ray stood bewildered at the thought that he was hearing things. "If you build it, he will come", the voice firmly said again. As weird as this may seem, Ray knew exactly what the voice was telling him. After telling his wife many would think she would laugh and think he was simple joking, but she said to him "do whatever makes you happy". A few years, and thousands of dollars later, there it was, a masterpiece written in green grass and soft brown clay. The most beautiful site to any fan of the game, a baseball field stood tall and proud where the tall corn once ruled the earth. Why did this man build a baseball field with a suffering farm, and a house that was close to being disowned? Simple, he understood the voice loud and clear. After building this field, the voice gave Ray his promise and the man who was supposed to come to Ray, appeared. There he was, one of the games greats, one who was the center of attention when Ray would be tucked under his covers listening to his father tell him the chilling stories of how pitchers feared this man. Of how the whole crowd would cheer when he walked to the plate, knowing that it was he just by the way he spit in the batters box. Shoeless Joe Jackson (Joseph Jefferson Jackson) appeared in Rays baseball field, out of no where, from the tall corn grass.

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