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Single Parenting

             This article begins with a woman telling how it is almost the one year anniversary since her husband's death. She says that she has been told that the second year after a loss is always harder than the first. She says the first year is spent usually on worrying about other things such as the funeral, settling estates, helping children deal with the loss, and the "first" birthday and Christmas without them. The first year is also spent actually letting the idea that a loved one is gone sink in. As year two approaches, you still have to help the kids out, but everything else is taken care of. So now the fact that a loved one is gone really begins to sink in, and you have to deal with it. You move on to the second of everything to, such as mother's/father's day, Christmas, and birthdays. She then says that people come up to her and ask how she isn't over it yet after a year? She says that grieving is not on a time limit, but it can stay with someone forever. She ends by saying that in the future you will not be grieving the same. Your children will grow up and graduate or get married and you will be going along fine. Then it begins to hit you again, but you"re able to get through it with a little crying and sadness. .
             I enjoyed this article because it shows just how important a family is. When one part of a family is taken away, whether through divorce or death, it is really hard to get over. Not only do you have to continue with what you do, but you have to help your kids out and explain to them somehow what has happened. You have to cherish what you have as a family now, because you never know when something bad could happen.

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