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Short essay Heraclitus and Parmenides

            Many ancient philosophers debated about their understanding of the .
             Some of them thought that the world had been either undergone .
             constant changed or remain unchanged. In Heraclitus view of the world, .
             everything is always in constant state of change. Our sensory perceptions .
             must be unreliable. The conclusion was base on @his own perceptions. He is .
             one of the first philosopher to have this intrepid thinking of the world. But on .
             the other hand, Parmenides, despite his observation of the world, he thought .
             nothing could be changed. Our sensory perceptions are reliable.
             eEverything changes. This is Heraclitus fundamental understanding .
             of the world. Though his eyes, he saw the changing world; wind blowing, fire .
             burning, water flowing cetc are all the display of changing, and the .
             characteristic of water. e eYou can not step twice into the same river, for other .
             waters and yet others go ever flowing on (Fr. 21). e eCool things become warm, .
             the war, grows cool; the moist dries, the parched becomes moist (Fr. 22). The .
             water flows and the previous experience changed us. The second time we .
             stepped in the river, neither the water nor us would be the same. He .
             thought there is only changing, no un changing. Something might seem .
             unchanging but actually it is changing due to people do not know what is .
             changing. He believed in peoples sensory and perceptions if only if it is the .
             truth. To Heraclitus, God is something that embraced the whole world. In .
             many occasions, instead using the term eGod, he used the Greek word .
             eLogos, meaning reason. He believed that logos must be a kind of euniversal .
             reason that controls everything. Logos is the judge of the truth. Therefore .
             the appearances of the things are trustworthy when they are shared in .
             common and by the criterion. If they are only shared individually, or .
             uncommonly, then they are untrustworthy.
             Parmenides believed that the world never changes.

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