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Use of columns in Roman and Egyptian Eras

            Egyptian Civilization has a number of significant traits that make it comparable to the Roman Civilization, most importantly its Imperial, Illustrious fazade. Land of the Pharoahs, Egypt is known as, where as Rome is known as the Land of the Seven Kings. Royalty ran in their bloods. Where Egyptian Pharaoh's considered themselves as direct descendants of God, the Roman Imperialists believed to be the direct descendants from amongst the group of people who accompanied Aeneas, one of the sons of Priam, king of Troy, on his escape from the burning city, when the Achaeans sacked it. Royalty was their birthright and that encouraged them to build the most remarkable empire the world still talks about and narrates with awe. .
             Of all the civilizations of world history, that of Romans is the most eminent and celebrated one. Although a fully adoptive civilization from its predecessors, yet a grandeur of its time. The Romans produced a very few number artists and thinkers originally. Most of them were imported from Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt and many other colonies of the globe. The alphabet and grammar were adopted from the Greek culture and much of the art and architecture as well were replicas of what was originally Greek in nature. .
             It may strike the mind then as to why were they so talked about and adhered to? Why were they a symbol of Grandeur and Grace? What made them so special? The simplest answer to the questions put forward (which is a few from amongst a thousand) is that "Romans were practical people-. They ruled with authority and practicality. They sure were copycats, as some would term them as, yet they weren't so. Why? Well they sure did take up the ideas from their predecessors, yet they worked upon it, improving it and bringing the benefits to a large number of people. Roman architecture to be exact was an exact replica of what Greek architecture was about. Yet barely did it show or barely could anyone point a finger to it and take out bits of setbacks, because not only were the Roman architectures enormous and beautiful, they were functionally well thought of and built the Colosseum is one such example amongst the many.

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