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Atomic Energy - Is it worth the risks?

            When people here the words atomic energy, radiation, nuclear power, etc. mostly only negative thoughts come to mind. There are some advantages that result from the use of atomic energy but when deciding whether it is "worth the risks" the benefits must be weighed against the risks.
             A main risk with the use of nuclear power is the high level of radioactivity during stages of the nuclear cycle including disposal. Exposure to radiation can cause injury in the living tissues in humans, which can ultimately lead to things such as caner.
             Another risk that can come about with the use of atomic energy is that nuclear weapons can be made from the nuclear fuels plutonium and uranium. This brings society with the huge danger of a nuclear war that could wipe out life as we know it.
             The benefits of atomic energy are the use of it in medical fields. This includes such things as radiation therapy and x-rays, which has helped the medical field progress. It has also provided society with an inexpensive source of energy that allows us to stop using fossil fuels, although the high costs in establishing nuclear power plants can be argued against this.
             When looking at the assistance atomic energy has given to the medical field it seems to outweigh the risks. However, when looking at the risks that people take when being treated with radiation it does not seem like the best option. The threat also put on society with the fear of the use of nuclear weapons adds highly to the position that atomic energy is not worth the risks.

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