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The Crucible

            The word crucible is defined as a heat-resistant container used for melting iron ore, metals, etc. However, another meaning for the word is a severe trial. This title is very pertinent to the text it precedes as the witch trials were of one of the most severe trials in the history of man. A few of the most greatly affected by this trial in the play are Elizabeth Proctor, Reverend Hale, and John Proctor. Elizabeth Proctor is a very strong woman who for the most part is utterly virtuous. The only time she lies is to keep her husband's good name. This is a huge sign of strength to stand up for what is right in a town where the trait means little. Reverend Hale is another character who is virtually thrown into the situation without the slightest idea of what was to come. While he does agree to come, hindsight is 20/20, and looking back he has to have felt deep regret for getting involved and remorse for those he indirectly helped get accused. John Proctor is a man whose integrity never faltered throughout the play. He stands strong in the face of death to protect his wife and his good name. Yes, he did commit adultery prior to the play, and yes, he lies about it on several occasions. Nevertheless, Proctor is a character deserving of admiration for his willingness to reform and for his thought provoking statements that made him a voice for reasons. Insight by definition means the ability to see and understand clearly the inner nature of things. Insight is a word that is repeated or should be repeated throughout the play in the thoughts and minds of the audience as well as characters themselves. Insight or lack thereof, is a large reason that should not be ignored when pointing fingers as to the cause of the witch trials. In the following paragraphs, the insight of the three characters mentioned a forehand will be looked upon with question and understanding as to the root cause of the inner desires and motives of each.

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