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Should We Pass or Fail the Opportunity of Implementing a Bet

             Is it possible to start changing competitiveness for equanimity at the student elementary level? By the way the Pass/Fail system has been discussed recently, it is very likely to happen. Since the beginning of humankind competition has existed between people, making us either fail or succeed. In today's society competition is present in almost every possible aspect, beginning from elementary school education, where being graded children realize that they can only achieve good results according to their effort and productivity. Although most people say that learning to be competitive at an early age would be best, the Pass/Fail system would be the solution to more important issues such as relieving the pressure and stress from children, motivating them to do their best without worrying that it could not be good enough.
             The Pass/Fail system will resolve the lack of effort that some children are showing at school because they feel that nothing they do is good enough, which has been a consequence of the grading system. The work of the children will be appreciated at all times, and it will be taken as equal whether if it is average or above average, so that the only way to fail is if the child doesn't offer from himself what would be understandably expected of his work.
             The lack of effort is a result of the time at which a student decides to stop trying to get good grades, and this time is most likely to occur at an elementary grade. What the children need is a system that will never give them an initiative to stop trying. The student environment will be one that doesn't have competition, children will be learning at their best, because everyone will be thought of as equal. This will make them all feel at the same level, and it will improve their knowledge and their learning skills for the future.
             Besides helping the children improve in their academic results, the Pass/Fail system will make going to school a more enjoyable experience for them.

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