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European Society and the Individual in Ibsens A Dolls House.

            How does Ibsen explore ways of thinking about European society and the individual in A Dolls House?.
             Henrik Ibsens A Dolls House, transcends socio-cultural barriers by delineating the fundamental importance of women in a dominantly patriarchal society. The fixation on wealth, in every aspect of the play, details the values, which are synonymous with ideals of having "not just all one needs, but lots of money, lots-.
             This emphasis on image, and honour, (for Torvald) comes at the expense of true happiness, and true love for Nora, which is defined at the climax of the play, when Nora is described as a "dolly-wife, just as (she) used to be daddys dolly-baby."".
             Similarly the concurrent exploration of freedom (for Nora) is eventually defined through each act, to eventuate an epiphonic realisation of her husband, and the society in which she lives.
             Throughout the play, Nora is dismissed by Torvald, and given pet names such as "skylark-, "squirrelkin-, "spendthrift-, and perhaps most disturbingly, "featherbrain-.
             "No more Nora wearing out her lovely eyes, and her pretty little fingers."".
             This exemplar embodies much of the dramatisations critique of patriarchal values, held predominantly by Torvald.
             Nora is portrayed as delicate, fragile, and as the title aptly implies: doll-like. Further adding to this point is Torvald's affrontingly misogynistic statement:.
             "What a featherbrain it is-.
             Torvald's distain by use of the word "it- in a description of Nora, further exemplifies the notion of a matrilineal derision, in respect to women being seen as equals. .
             This aspect of A Dolls House is Ibsen's primary criticism of the 19th century in which it was written. .
             Being that The Standard opinionated:.
             "It would be a misfortune were such a morbid and unwholesome play to gain the favour of the public-.
             (Because of the ideals of existentialism, post-modernism, and fundamental societal rebellion which A Dolls House represents) Ibsen's willingness to contest pre-defined notions of gender separation is what disregards the above mentioned socio-cultural barriers, to allow contextual reappropriations of this text to be assimilated into many facets of our modern day society.

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