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Survivor Implcit and Explicit Messages

            Survivor OUTWIT OUTPLAY OUTLAST.
             SURVIVOR the show to which the term reality TV is applied most liberally to, takes the formula as close as it can go towards the scripted pole without fully becoming an acted TV movie. Even Mark Burnett the creator of the show has admitted that he rejects the idea that it is a reality show. The contestant's reaction is the only unscripted and spontaneous element of the show which is where editing comes into play. .
             "The entire situation in which 16 castaways found themselves is pretty contrived. They would never have even been on the island if we hadn't contrived the setting. It is simply a drama with non-actors in an unscripted contrived setting. The outcomes are real -- the setting is not." The 16 contestants supposedly are meant to represent a cross-section of society in each series. "I tried to choose people that I felt were in fact real people. I didn't try to cast outrageous character types. For two reasons: 1) I thought that the viewers were far too clever to buy into fake personalities and 2) I felt that rather ordinary people would become extraordinary when subjected to the rigors of the island and the voting process.".
             The implicit meanings of the show are made clear through the slogan defining the desired human attributes needed to succeed in the game outwit v/s referring to intelligence, outplay which refers to physical strength and outlast v/s the struggle to become the sole survivor, hence winning the million $ and international fame. The contestants that bring all these characteristics successfully together will have the obvious advantage. All these being positive human attributes needed to win in and just and admirable way. However, as Burnett said:.
             Mark Burnett: We never said that Survivor was all about surviving nature. If that was the premise of Survivor we would have had people put at great risk to get compelling television.

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