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Explicit Lyrics: Aganist

            "The intent seemed innocent enough: to give parents advanced notice that some of the lyrics on the disc might contain explicit language. The effect, however, has been creeping censorship "not only of language, but of ideas,"" states Mary DesRosiers, who wrote an article about music censorship (16). Music censorship is something that has been going on ever since people have been making music. All types of music have been banned, considered explicit, or because it is new, people tend to not accept it. Explicit content is always going to come out of music from artists, but having a universal sticker to signify that the lyrics are explicit, who is to decide such a decision? Albums and songs should be allowed to be written however the musical artists feels is good and explicit lyric stickers should not be allowed to be put on albums. .
             "You have music containing the f-word and other sexually explicit language. That's predictable,"" says Rick Montone, manager of the Strawberry's music franchise in Keene, New Hampshire, "But there's another category of stickered music that has to do with actions (DesRosiers 16)."" Actions, along with words, can be taken in many different ways and forms. Although there are songs that are very explicit, there are a great majority of songs that carry an explicit content sticker based on ideas that only a few people find controversy.
             The original explicit content sticker was formed when "Rick Allen and his wife expressed concerns over a "Prince- album to their local PTA meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. This action started the mid-80's censorship movement that eventually results in the RIAA- (Recording Industry Association of America) "universal parental warning sticker (Nuzum)."" From that single song, it seemed to have started an epidemic with parents trying to censor music and try to get explicit content out of music. The most famous group of people who tried to get music censored was the Parent's Music Resource Center (PMRC).

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