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Violent Lyrics

            When your children play their favorite songs do you really know what their lyrics mean and/or suggest? Although many kids listen to music explicitly for the words themselves, others have no idea what the songs are really saying. Some believe that music has no effect on our actions or ways of thinking; only if we choose to act upon those thoughts do they then become a problem. But how do those thoughts become implanted in our children's brains in the first place? One answer to that question can very well be that certain song lyrics and music videos, closely inspected, promote violence. .
             Unfortunately, children and young adults are among the most susceptible for music to have an impact on their lives. Some critics state that, "music negatively affects teenagers by repeatedly exposing them to themes such as Satanism, substance abuse, murder, suicide and sexual violence, which may be heavily reinforced and normalized by the frequency of their portrayal." (Youth) Many speculate that violent song .
             Cirner 2.
             lyrics can have a "cause and effect" relationship between adverse behavioral effects. You hear it over and over, so you automatically think it is an okay thing to do. This can be most easily proved by taking the 1999 Columbine High School shootings into consideration. For example, "66% of 13- to 17-year-olds believe violence in music is partly responsible." (Kandaki 69) They believe that if the students had not been so desensitized to common ethics and morals such as murder, they would have never have thought that slaughtering their peers was an okay thing to carry out. .
             To be more specific, one particular kind of music has been highly studied and classified to be one of the most dangerous. Rap music is more often than not distinguished by references to gangs, guns, drugs, sex, and violence. It has been theorized that constant exposure to this kind of music "tends to lead to a higher degree of acceptance of the use of violence.

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