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music lyrics

             "The art of arranging sound in time so as to produce, unified, and evocative.
             composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre." (American.
             Heritage Dictionary). Isnt what all music is? People say anything that has "bad.
             words" is not music. Well, no matter if it has "bad words" in it or not by the English.
             dictionary it's still music. The censorship of music is the responsibility of the.
             parents, because if the parents do not want there child to listen to the music then tell.
             them no. .
             The music industry can not control what there musician say because they are.
             protected by freedom of speech. The music industry done it's part in advising.
             citizens to what lyrics content in the music with the parietal advisory stickers. If the.
             parents are that worried about what there child listens to and suspect they"re.
             listening to "bad words" they do have the access of the Internet and can find out.
             what lyrics contain in the music. .
             Thousands of people all over the world listen to violent rap/rock lyrics. No.
             one has ever proven that the music lyrics made them do anything. In every time.
             period BC or AD there has been music and violence. Back then these two things.
             were not linked together, but now days, society has become the most paranoid.
             bunch of people. What are they scared of? .
             People try to blames Blink 182's "Adams Song", that it led there.
             son/daughter to commit suicide the song's lyrical content is on suicide. ". I"m to.
             depressed to go on you"ll be sorry when I"m gone.". This song talks about the real.
             issues that youth are facing. It seems people tend to ignore the suicidal people who.
             society calls "the loners". Musical lyrics contents does not make them lash out. It's.
             the people who ignore them. The.
             The presidential candidates George W. Bush and Al Gore are both facing.
             this issue of negative messages impacting our youth. George W. Bush states "I.
             believe the entertainment industry has taken personal responsibility for the product.

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