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             Over many years, Americans and people around the world have been persuaded by music. Many people use bands as their role models. People have even started movements as a result of certain bands. Also, the basic understanding of music types has changed. As a result, music has played a major role in the development of bands around the world and the cultures that are affected by them.
             Children growing up today look up to bands and people of music, as role models. Bands play a part in being role models by the clothes they wear, and the way they present themselves. This is what children see and want to be like. Some crimes committed in schools, are said to have been influenced by song lyrics, and messages from someone in a band. As a result, bands can control the actions of people around, by leading the way.
             Movements have been started because of bands that deliver such a strong message, that people actually live and breath what they have heard. The Beatles are a great example of the effect of a hip band in the 70's, on the people of the United States. This following still goes on today in the way people dress. Bands sometimes indorse a certain company to improve the sales by just being associated with their popular name.
             The style of music has also been changed. In the beginning, rock, blues, folk, and country music were clearly different. Now there are so many bands in the music world that almost every band has their own style and are unique in their own way.
             In conclusion, music and bands around the world have played a role in changing the actions and beliefs of people of all cultures. .

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