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Medical Marijuana

            The use of marijuana to treat illnesses is still one of the most controversial issues confronting both the United States medical community and its legal system. The problem with medical marijuana is that it is not being used when it could be helping many people cope with the diseases they have. Medical marijuana should be legal for people that suffer from incurable diseases such as cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis, they would benefit from medical marijuana because it would help relieve their chronic pain and suffering. Marijuana can also be very useful in treating many illnesses and it is already supported and used effectively by some states. Also, medical marijuana has been used for thousands of years around the world. .
             There is very much positive support in favor of medical marijuana. Dozens of states have passed laws that ease restrictions on the prescribing of marijuana by physicians, and polls consistently show that the public favors the use of marijuana for such purposes (Jim Christi). Even most anti-drug advocates think it is ok to study marijuana's usefulness as a medicine (Jennifer Thomas, USA Today). In 1988, the Drug Enforcement Agency's own administrative law judge concluded, "it would be unreasonable, arbitrary, and capricious for the Drug Enforcement Agency to continue to stand between those suffers and the benefits of this substance in the light of the new evidence in this record." (Institute of Medicine). Why would the leader of the government's own anti-drug group say this if marijuana has no positive effects?.
             Marijuana can be effective in treating the symptoms and pains of many diseases. Some of the positive effects of marijuana are; increases sense of euphoria and may help minimize pain from migraine headaches and cancer. In the eyes, it reduces introcular pressure; helping those afflicted with glaucoma. Spacsticity, it is believed to help calm spasms from spinal cord injury.

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