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The Crucible

             Why is Reverend John Hale different from the other characters? Reverend Hale is near his forty, a tight-skinned, and provides acknowledgment to both sides. The play was, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller. Reverend Hale is a respectable and considerate friend that tries to help John Proctor and others in court. Reverend Hale is a follower in the beginning of the witch trails, until he realizes the falsehood of the court's outcome, and he makes a dramatic move in his need on the law and his viewpoint of witchcraft. Reverend Hale is an intelligent, good minded, and eager-eyed person, that cares for his friends. .
             First, Reverend Hale is an educated but nave witch hunter that was brought into Salem by Reverend Parris who summoned him to examine his niece, Betty. There must be; " they (Hale's Book) are weighted with authority.-(Miller 844) He trusts his book to help him through thick and thin with Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse, who was accused of witchcraft, so their husbands went to argue for their wife's lives. Hale tries to get some answers by calling all the girls and Tituba to find out who's the accuser of the witchcraft.
             Subsequently, as the foolishness of the court rises, Hale begins to oppose the actions. He pleads with judge Danforthe to let Proctor return to court with a lawyer, but Danforthe rejects the idea. Hale fights against Danforthe powers because he realizes the unfair judgment that the court is presenting. " Is every defense an attack upon the court? Can no one?'- (Miller 867). After judge Danforthe falsely arrest Giles Cory and John Proctor of witchcraft, Hale quits the court; " I denounce these proceedings, I quit this court!'- (Miller 876). The accusations reached a point that the lawful Hale cannot take anymore. .
             Afterward, the goodness comes and then takes over his previous questioning and intimidating attitude. Reverend Hale states that, " he would not take a life of any innocent person because he is a minister of the Lord.

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