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No One's A Mystery

            In the short story, "No One's A Mystery-, Tallent briefly explains this story. Life consist of very many choices that should be made through the right state of mind. Even though there is not anyone there to look upon you all the time, you should always be able to discover what's right from wrong. The characters in this story are acting out of curiosity and getting a thrill and even a little pleasure. In other words, she romanticizes his thoughtless, selfish actions. .
             In life people sometimes romanticize a situation or relationship rather than see it in the dirty light of reality. For example, after being shoved to the floorboard of the truck, Mary begins to see her new found settings in a non-existent positive light. Even though Jack's pushing her to the floor symbolizes their relationship and the roles that they play, she sees it merely as part of the trials they must endure in order to pursue their future together. While on the floor, she even looks at his old boots through rose colored glasses. Mary sees the, " frayed thread manure between the heel and the sole,"" but she then recalls how they are, "the same boots he had been wearing for the two years I'd known him."" These tattered, gross boots become precious to Mary because of the two years they represent in her life: Jack and her being together. After viewing his boots, Mary turns her attention towards the floor to spot pop tops. She is quick to make conversation about them, "There are about a hundred pop tops on the floor, did you know that?- Clearly Jack must know this because it is his truck and most likely his pop tops, but deep down Mary realizes how little the couple actually has to talk about. Their conversations consist of music, pop tops, and smoke filled dreams; therefore, Mary turns these inconsequential articles into a topic of discussion. She sees them as more than rusty, jagged pieces of metal, but as her and Jack's form of communication.

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