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Babe Ruth

            February 6, 1895, George Herman Ruth Jr. He was delivered not in a hospital, but in the house of his grandparents in Baltimore, Maryland. Babe Ruth was the first of eight children to be born from Kate and George Herman Ruth Sr. Due to unlucky circumstances, Babe Ruth and his sister Mamie were the only ones to lead a full life. The rest of his brothers and sisters died during infancy. (Babe Ruth).
             Babe Ruth was named after his father, George Herman Ruth. Ruth's father spent many long hours working as a bartender. That job eventually led him to open his own tavern. Ruth's mother, Kate Schamberger Ruth, was also like Ruth's father. She spent many hours of the day out of Ruth's life. The first seven years of his life he was without guidance. He spent his long days on the dirty, crowded streets of the Baltimore river front. (Babe Ruth).
             Babe Ruth experienced little if any love from his parents. They soon had to send young Ruth to St. Mary's Industrial School for boys. They signed the seven-year-old's custody over to Xaverian Brothers which was a Catholic order of Jesuit Missionaries who ran St. Mary's. .
             (Babe Ruth).
             St. Mary's was both a reformatory and an orphanage. It had walls around it which reminded the children of a prison. There were around 800 kids at St. Mary's. They had 4 dormitories that had 200 kids each. By the age of seven, Ruth was involved in mischievous altercations and were classified as "incorrigible" upon his admission. Over a period of time, Ruth returned to live with his family but was always sent back to St. Mary's . He never had anybody visit him while he was at St. Mary's. (Babe Ruth) .
             One good thing of being sent to St. Mary's for Ruth was meeting brother Mathis. Brother Mathis was the head disciplinary. He spent a lot of time with Ruth and provided guidance and support. Brother Mathis helped him develop his baseball game. The help from brother Mathis helped Babe Ruth realize his love for children.

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