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Babe Ruth

            George Herman "Babe" Ruth was one of the most celebrated athletes of his time. He was able to redefine the game he loved, baseball. His incredible feats and impressive qualities made him the most celebrated figure in baseball. He was immensely popular with fans all over the world, and a hero to many children.
             George Herman Ruth Jr. was born to Kate and George Herman Ruth on February 6, 1895. He was born in the home of his grandparents in Baltimore, Maryland(National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc.).
             Babe Ruth's father owned and operated his own tavern. Due to the many long hours that running your own business demands, George's parents had little time for him. Hence young George lived without guidance on the streets of the Baltimore riverfront. By the age of seven, George's father had decided that he was too much for him to handle. Consequently, Mr. and Mrs. Ruth sent their son to a training school for underprivileged boys on June 13, 1902. The name of the school was St. Mary's Industrial School(Ruth, 12).
             It was at St. Mary's that Ruth would meet his mentor, Brother Matthias. Brother Matthias provided the guidance and support that Ruth's parents were unable to provide for him. Brother Matthias helped George Jr. develop as a baseball player. Ruth showed his potential at a very early age. He played all positions of the field, and an excellent pitcher. He also had great ability when it came to hitting the ball. By the time he was in his later teens, Ruth was a prospect for major league baseball (Ruth, 13). .
             On February 27, 1914, at the age of nineteen, George Ruth Jr. was signed his first professional baseball contract by Baltimore Orioles manager, Jack Dunn. However, Ruth faced a dilemma because his parents had signed over his custody to St. Mary's where he was supposed to remain until he was twenty-one. In order to get around this, Jack Dunn became Ruth's legal guardian(Ruth, 20).

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