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Thin is in

            There she is looking into the mirror again, staring at every inch of her body for hours. Every day and night Susie's looking at her front side, back side, side ways, and going in circles in front of the large mirror in her bedroom. All her friends tell her that she looks great and she looks beautiful but there is something that she doesn't like about her figure. It's her weight. Her weight? Susie is already skinny. She is 23 years old, 5"11, weighs about 150 pounds, fits into a size 8, and pretty much has that model look we see on TV. People constantly tell her that she should become a model but she doesn't take that comment seriously. She thinks that she's not skinny enough. Although she has the perfect body, she"ll never be satisfied. I know this because she's my best friend. People have bodies; bodies have problems. People are obsessed about having a perfect body and will go to strange lengths to achieve it. .
             Most people have flabby parts, skin rashes, blotches, floppy ears, crooked teeth, fat calves and a host of other interesting features. Most of us can tolerate and accept these afflictions and know that we"re not perfect. No matter how thin they become, they see nothing but fat. Most people my age have a horrible self-image because of the media and people in Hollywood. I think image has been the focus of many advertisements for years. On television, producers hire only tall, skinny, perfectly beautiful flawless women to sell their movies, television shows, products, or almost anything that can be sold. Perfect bodies are also found on touched-up magazine shots. Fashion designers claim that image is just fashion but it has a more serious effect on people. These advertisements influence people negatively and imply that the body and face has more significant appeal than the soul. The whole concept of "perfection" is just a tool which companies use to sell their product.

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