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Fat or Thin

             The media's focus makes us believe that thin is "in" and we are sucked up into the whole idea of beauty as being thin. Thin looks more healthy and attractive. Thin makes you look better in clothing that you would want to wear. In my opinion, being thin is not what it is all cracked up to be. Being thin has many benefits in a matter of health issues, but being fat doesn't necessarily mean that the fat person is close to having a heart attack. It all depends on the person. Fat is good, it gives you that insulation that you need during those long, lonely, cold nights because there's no one to hold you. People are too into the whole thin is "in" idea, not seeing that fat can be beautiful.
             As a person who doesn't belong in the "thin" category, I strongly believe that I can be healthier without having to change my "size" dramatically. It's true that there are many health issues to consider when a person is fat, but it is also true that many thin people have just as many problems. Many people strive to become thin to be beautiful and accepted in our societies, especially models and dancers. Many of them have eating disorders. That definitely does not make them healthy. Fat people will eat what they want when they want. This way, there are no regrets. We have the chance and choice to burn up the energy we consume, but do thin people really care? When a thin person takes his or her "vegetable juice" and eats a stick of celery here and carrot there, what do they have to burn in their systems? Their energy is so limited that they don't have enough left for fun. I agree with Britt when she says that thin people are grumpy uptight people, and I believe that it is because of their lack of energy due to low consumption of carbohydrates and sugar in their systems.
             Fat people such as me give us a choice without space for regrets. If I choose to eat a big, fat pastrami sandwich, I would know that I am consuming a great deal of carbohydrates, protein and fat, and I have to make a choice of whether or not I"d like to burn it off.

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