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The Book Of Job

             The book of Job describes the relationship between God and his servants. Job was a man that lived by every word that God had ever directed him and by that God granted Job everything that he wanted. One day the accusing angel, symbolizing the devil, told God that the reason why Job was so servile to the Lord was because he had everything he wanted. The accuser proceeded to then tell God that to really test Job's loyalty, God must remove Job's possessions. By doing so, God is teaching Job on how to suffer. This goes along with the rest of the five books of the bible in which Job is one of. These books are often referred to as "The Books Of Poetry." Job is the first book followed by the book of Psalms, which teaches us how to pray, the book of Proverbs, which teaches us how to act, the book of Ecclesiastes, which teaches us how to enjoy, and the Song of Solomon, which teaches us how to love. Using the book of Job, God is instructing us on how to suffer and to show that suffering is not always for the sinner, but for the good and loyal follower as well.
             God begins by showing Job that no matter what the situation is; you must always remain faithful in God's decisions. God initially does this by allowing the devil to do whatever he wants to Job as long as he does not touch him when he says "All right: everything he has is in your power. Just don't lay a hand on him." (6) What happens later though is the most interesting part. Although Job's entire family has been slain and his herds killed, the only thing Job does is shave his head and says "Naked I came from my mother's womb and naked I will return there. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken; may the name of the Lord be blessed." (7) It is important to note that up to this moment, Job is still faithful to the Lord in everyway and does not question the Lord. This bothers the devil who is trying desperately to dissolve Job's following of the Lord.

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