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Book Of Job

             My first thought was that Satan had won the wager, by Job questioning God. Which he does question God but all he wanted to know was the answer to the question. Job wanted to know why he was put into the circumstances that he was in when he knew he had done nothing wrong. He knew that he was a righteous man and by him knowing that he did not understand why he was put into those circumstances, so he wanted an answer from God. Now you may think that Satan won but God was the one who won the wager.
             My first argument is based on the fact that throughout the whole book of Job, he does not curse God. That was the main purpose of the wager, Satan bet God that his humble servant would curse him if he would take everything away from him and also take his health. Through all that, Job knew to never curse God. Especially in the part of the book where Job's wife tells him to curse God and Job says no. He then told his wife that you need to take the good and the bad that God gives you. All Job wanted to know was why was this done to him, so he was questioning God and his authority. Throughout the story no one can help Job in figuring out what the answer is to the question that he wants answered. The comforters try to talk to him but it does not work, they do not answer the question for Job. Job knows that he has done nothing wrong to deserve these circumstances that he has been put in. Who would think that this man would not curse God after what God puts him through. Any other man would curse without even thinking about it. That is why Job is a righteous man and he is the humble servant of God. Well God knows that and that is why he picked Job.
             Elihu trys to tell Job that he adds rebellion to his sin but Job knows that he has not sinned. Well in those times they only understood that if you were punished in some way that you must have sinned. So Job is not happy with what Elihu is telling him about why this is being done to him.

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