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Racism in America

             There is surely no nation in the world that holds "racism" in greater horror than the United States. Racism occurs daily in America. It occurs in the convenient store, the office, at school, etc. What is racism exactly. Dictionaries are not much help on what is meant by the word. Until a person experiences racism on there own, it is hard to get the true meaning. .
             Racism is an ignorant action taken upon someone negatively because of their race. Racism has been in America for ages. Even in the beginning ages of America Racism occurred. When the settlers came to America and forced the Natives out of there homes. The whites killed off a mass population of the Natives mostly because of there race. .
             America even to this day still has racist people. The majority of the people don't consider themselves racist. Others are proud of there racist heritage. A Conglomeration came together for White power called the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The group still exist to this day.
             Even the law that is suppose to protect and serve is allowed to be racist. Racial profiling has been used by police officers to pull over minorities because supposedly they are more likely to be acting in a criminal manner, mostly assumed drug related. Physician Leadership on National Drug Policy (PLNDP), a high-profile group of doctors, composed a study on the percentages of the race of the people that use drugs. Looking at adult drug users, the PLNDP study found that more than half of those who admitted using heroin last year are white and 60 percent of monthly cocaine users are white. (Also, 77 percent of regular marijuana users are white, while one in six is African-American.) Youth drug use followed similar patterns. Knowing that, why are the minorities (African Americans) being pulled over more that white people due to racial profiling.
             Racism is even on everyday television. On the news we see distraught African Americans deliberately depicted acting in mayhem.

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