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Locus of control

            Locus of control is the perceived way an individual attributes behaviour. The factors involved are labelled "external and internal" control. Internal locus of control refers to the perception of positive or negative events as being a consequence of one's own actions and under one's own control. People with internal locus of control believe they control their own destiny, and tend to be convinced that their own skill or ability determines their life experiences. .
             In contrast, external locus of control refers to the perception of positive or negative events as being unrelated to one's own behaviour in certain situations beyond personal control. People with external locus of control believe that their lives are determined mainly by sources and factors outside of themselves. Common determinants include fate, chance, or luck.
             People with internal locus of control are more likely to work for achievements, and raise their behaviour goals when the first is succeeded. Usually if an internal person fails he/she will re-evaluate future performance and lower their expectations of success. As well a person with an internal locus of control is more willing to work on self-improvement and better themselves with education. In saying that, I believe my pre-dominant approach is that of one with internal locus of control. I believe that my success is determined by my abilities and efforts. I tend to change my strategies in something as I discover my deficiencies. I raise my expectations if I succeed, and worry when I have no control over a situation or outcome. .

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