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             The story of Jasmine written and narrated by Bharati Mukherjee tells a story of a girl who wants to live in America more than anything else. Throughout the essay Jasmine has conflict with herself and what she really wants to achieve in America. She views her decent upon America as an opportunity of a lifetime, but fails to accomplish anything of significance. Jasmines desires and aspirations build the recurring theme of wanting to live the American dream. As the story unfolds, this dream of living in America blinds Jasmine to ironies in her life.
             The theme begins to reveal itself when the narrator states "Real money was warn and green, American money"(Mukherjee 668). The idea that American money is the only real money shows the level of affection Jasmine has for the United States. The idea of just holding American money was such an accomplishment. After getting to Michigan via Canada, Jasmine realizes that it is up to her to make something of her life. .
             Jasmines self image is one of social stature. She views herself as being above the Daboo's, the first family to take her in. This is revealed when the author says, "They didn't seem to know they were nobodies, and kept looking at her and giggling"(Mukherjee 668). This idea of being above others is ironic considering the jobs she takes later in the story.
             As the story progresses Jasmines spontaneous ways help build the theme. The first time she goes for a night out in Ann Arbor, "the place to be", Jasmine moves on and stays in Ann Arbor. Jasmine states " I don't know what happened girl," "I feel crazy inside." Maybe its time for me to pursue higher studies in this town."(Mukherjee 669). Even though her friend tells her not to stay in Ann Arbor saying "This Ann Arbor, girl, they just don't take you off the street. It cost like hell."(Mukherjee 670). Never the less, Jasmine disregards her friends" advice and stays in Ann Arbor sleeping on a sofa in the student union.

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