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What about Islam or Buddhism

             What about Islam or Buddhism?.
             Some people have argued that religion should come with a health warning like we get on cigarette packets. "Religion can seriously damage our health." The relationships that these two religions share are highly different but in some sense equal and they will surely not damage our health. They will be of very interesting but weird results to one's life. At the same time this religion are both very remote and also universal because they have spread through the world as quickly as they can. The view points on these two religions will be beneficial to us, showing us a more pandemic view of the world and giving us and introduction to other believes as supposed to just one which is "Christianity." The difference and positive plus negative aspects of these religions will be extremely interesting to our lives.
             One cannot say he is Al-Hayy "The Living" and then said he has not life, are some of the significant words that Islam apply to itself. Islam was founded by prophet Mohammad about 500 BC and its teaching are strongly based on the Koran. Islam is defined as "submission to God. Is one of the religions right now that is causing massive trouble to our nation since their purpose is to please their God better known as "Allah." .
             As it was sort of illustrated above, Muhammad was the responsible for this religion. It all started when Mohammad who was being raised by his uncle because his dad had died before his birth, went to the mountains of Mecca and started meditating to fulfill his confusions. Mohammad got revelations from Angel Gabriel and after this procedures, he proceeds writing the Koran as a revelation of Allah sent by Angel Gabriel.
             When Muhammad finished his writing, he starts spreading the word in all over East Europe. A very large quantity of disciple were following him already. When he died at the age of 63 this religion became an epidemic that soon will turn into pandemic or all over the world.

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