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The ReOrient Review

             Frank says it with the first sentence in his book, "there is unity in diversity" (Frank 1). With that statement holding through Frank's book, he is able to take chapters that could hold there own as books and link them together in such a way that it brings unity to the whole idea of thinking outside of what one believed previously to be true. So many people in school today are taught certain peoples ideas, and rarely able to see another's view point. Frank is that other view point that so many people have gone without. He takes the idea of Eurocentrism and ideas of people such as Smith, Marx, and Weber and shows a different view point in the first chapter. He goes on to back up his ideas with information expressed in the following five chapters only to bring all of his thoughts together in chapter seven. In this readers mind though Frank was unable to sell me on an Asia-centered world. He was however able to convert my thinking from a Eurocentric view to one that closer resembles Globalcentric. For no one geographic area of this world is solely responsible for what may take place in another part of this world. Rather they are all linked in one way or another and are as united as they are diverse.
             Following the Industrial Revolution that started in Europe and the discovery of the America's, scholars of the time began taking a new vantage point called Eurocentrism. Eurocentrism placed Europe at the center of world history with Asia receiving little credit for the way the world had developed up to that point. Through the Eurocentric view points of Marx and Weber, "Asians could not possibly develop capitalism and therefore could not really develop at all" (Frank 17). Frank discusses these views of Marx and Weber in the first chapter and goes on to show through the rest of the book that an Asia-centric is the view that should be taken. He goes on to discus in detail the ways in which trade and money flowed to the east, and how technological innovations of Asia is what helped to fuel trade around the world.

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