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Timothy Su, Student

            As his older cousin, it would only be natural to rave about Timothy Su's unbridled spirit and upstanding character traits. However, it is not unfair to say that Timothy has proven to be the quintessence of honesty and integrity, while possessing a relentless dedication to excellence and high achievement. There are several attributes that can accurately portray Timothy's penchant for success, but I believe two characteristics in particular will be the keys to his ability to excel in The Thacher School's highly competitive environment. .
             The first of these characteristics is his thirst for competition. Talk to any athlete, professional or amateur, and the staple of their conversations revolve around their hunger for competition and adversity. Timothy exemplifies this fact; though not a professional athlete by any stretch of the imagination, his involvement in a variety of sports ranging from basketball to track to tennis display his propensity for testing his limits and competing at the highest possible level. An incident that comes to mind occurred a couple summers ago during a minor league basketball tourney. Sensing that they lacked adequate height and depth to be competitive, the coach urged the team beforehand to make up for their physical limitations with extra desire and hustle. Timothy took the coach's pep talk to heart and placed it upon himself to set an example for the team. Although he didn't score much, the blue collar, workman-like effort he put forth in going after rebounds and loose balls was unparalleled. At one point, an unfortunate opponent found himself at the wrong end of Timothy's hustle and had a tooth chipped off (baby tooth, thankfully). Even though Timothy's team would ultimately lose the game, this would be a prime showing not only of the effort he would give for the sake of team, but also his consciousness of those people around him; after the game, he skipped the usual post-game huddle and immediately headed towards the other team's bench to again apologize to the injured boy and his parents.

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