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            Dreams are what we like to call the mysterious thoughts that wander listlessly throughout the mind. The majority of dreams that populates people's minds can usually be placed under the category of what someone would like their life to be like in addition to their preexisting life. These thoughts can include all types of wishes that have specific appeal to a person. However, some unfortunate cases may arise where people constantly dream about how they would like their lives not to be. In Timothy's case, he could not wait for his present life to take on a new course of action. Unfortunately, much heartbreak and anguish would follow his footsteps for years to come. The only companion Timothy would have along the journey of his life is the comfort of his dreams.
             Timothy's childhood was an extremely difficult one to bear. He had lost his mother at an early age of six and his father became an unbearable drunk after his wife's death and the loss of his job. Sadly, Timothy had to bear the excruciating pain of his father's drunken beatings. His father would remove his belt from his waist and persistently wail upon Timothy's soft and tender back until it resembled the brightest red of a newly polished fire truck. Timothy fell asleep every night fearing that he was going to become the victim of another drunken outburst by his father. When Timothy eventually would fall asleep, he would dream of his mother. He would always remember the times of how she softly read him stories and gently tucked him into bed every night. Timothy's dreams were exceptionally vivid and alive. His mother's sensitive kisses goodnight felt like the careful gliding of a pussy willow across his smooth cheek. .
             As the years passed by, Timothy's love to dream never subsided. He loved to imagine a new life for himself every time his father shouted for him to go to bed. Sometimes he would become a prominent business man who directed a large company or a lawyer who owned a respectable firm.

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