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Effects of Sleep Loss

            We all know it is important to get enough sleep. But we may not realize just how critical good sleep really is. Sleep loss can affect your health, your functioning and even your safety. I am a person who does not sleep much and I have noticed that when I am stressed or worried about something I sleep even less.
             Sleep loss may be associated with significant health problems such as depression, several studies have shown that sleep loss is not just a result of mental health problems, it can be a risk for the developement of depression. Also headaches can interfere with sleep, but sleep loss can also provoke headaches. Also impaired heart functioning; people with interrupted sleep schedules may be more prone to cardiovascular problems.
             Sleep loss can also impair our functioning. At school sleep loss can interfere with memory, logical reasoning and concentration. Also at home, making us fatigued, irratable or forgettful. Sleep loss can lead to stress and strained relationships.
             It is not just distressing it can also be dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, mor than 100,000 car accidents annually may be fatigue related. More than fifty percent of Americans surveyed reported driving while drowsy, and seventeen percent actually dozed off at the wheel.
             We need sleep to survive. Sleep is important to our mental, physical and emotional well-being. The benifits of good sleep can affect every moment of our day and every part of our life. Acheiving good sleep is essential to both our activities and to our health.

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