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Process Analysis Essay: How to make iced tea

            Process Analysis Essay: How to prepare an iced tea drink.
             Iced tea is one of the most refreshing beverages made by man. However, if the basic steps in making this famous drink are not followed, then it is nothing but unsweetened powder. Four simple steps should be performed to create this wonderful concoction.
             Firstly, select the flavor that satisfies your taste buds. There is a wide range of different brands in the market selling a wide variety of ready-to-make iced tea packets, from mango, lemon, peach and apple. .
             Second, make sure your kitchen has the necessary equipment for concocting the drink. Get a two-quart pitcher. It may be glass or plastic but the former is better as it allows the liquid to shine through, thus making it attractive to everyone. Also get a long spoon, sugar, a measuring cup, water and an ice cube tray full of ice. When all the requirements have been met the mixing process can begin.
             The third step is all a matter of combining everything together. Take the iced tea packet and peel the corner where it says "tear here," until the entire corner or at least half the corner has been removed. Then pour the powdered contents of the packet into the pitcher. With the measuring cup, measure the amount of sugar you want to add according to your liking, and then pour it in. Add the cold water till the pitcher is filled with in two inches of the top. Use the long spoon to stir the mixture. Stir in a clockwise direction until all the powder has dissolved. Then taste the drink. If it is not sweet enough, add more sugar to it until you are satisfied with the taste. After achieving the desired taste, rinse off the equipment- spoon, measuring cup and shelve them for future use. .
             Finally, sit back, relax and enjoy your drink. To do this, obtain a glass from the shelf, add ice and then fill the glass with the iced tea.

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