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The Crucible

             Arthur Miller's use of passionate, human emotions-greed, jealousy, and vengeance-helps the audience better understand the characters' personality and motivations. The audience can associate with the characters because these are emotions that everyone in the audience has experienced many times in their lives.
             Abigail wanted John Proctor for herself and she didn't care who she hurt in her path. She had Betty join her in her dancing in the woods and she later fell into a trance. She also took advantage of Goody Proctor when she was sick. She took this time to get closer to John knowing the love of the two of them was growing apart. .
             Thomas Putnam was greedy because he wanted he wanted all the land for himself and he wanted to be the richest man in the town and he would accuse people of being witches to get what he wanted. He didn't care if he hurt anyone in his path. He also didn't want anyone to tell him he was wrong for what he did.
             If Abigail had let her love for John go and she went on living her life she would have not been accused of being a witch and people would not doubt her trust in the whole situation. If she had let it go Betty would not be in a trance and people would not have suspected her of being a witch or practicing witchcraft. If she had let her greed go she wouldn't have been in the woods and the whole idea of the witches in the towns would not have been stirred up.
             Schibanoff-pg.2 .
             If Thomas Putnam's greed wasn't so strong then many people would not be in jail for his accusations. His greed in the end cost him his life. If he had just been grateful with what he already had and owned he would not have caused so much trouble between the society and the town.
             Ann Putnam accuses Rebecca Nurse of being a witch because all Rebecca's babies survives and when Ann was giving birth Rebecca was the nurse and all her babies died. She felt that Rebecca had cursed her and her children.

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