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             The theme survival was used in both The Cabin Door And Epic Of Survival: Shackleton by they both had some sort of survival that occurred outside and had a lot to do with the surroundings.
             The Cabin Door was about a young girl named Sissy Bembridge who found out that her mom was sick and she needed to go see her in Stoney Brook so she tried to get a rig to take her around by the main road but it was taking to long for it to come get her so she decided to walk cause she had to get down there some way. On her way down on the old Line Road to Stoney Brook she was very lonely and cold but managed to stay on the trail until she noticed that a bear was following her and it was getting dark and she started to loose her path on the trail but she manage to catch sight of a cabin roof and then she went to the cabin and got in there to get away from the bear but the bear ended up breaking off the door to the cabin and tried to get her but the bear hit some of the ashes from the stove and caught the cabin on fire which forced the bear to run away. As the fire started to die down the bear would try to get Sissy so she thought of a plan to make more fire so the bear wouldn't try to come get her and it was successful. Sissy ended up being rescued by some lumbermen.
             The aspects of survival Sissy had to overcome on her journey to get to Stoney Brook where trying to stay on the right trail so she wouldn't get lost in the woods and her struggle with the bear by how it was following her and how she was trying to get away from it by going into the cabin she seen in the woods and how she got away from the bear by starting a fire in the wood stove. She also had some mental struggles to by when the fire of the cabin was starting to die down and she knew that the bear would come get her when there was no fire left so she though of a plan to start more fires around the cabin which ended up to be successful for her.

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