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Operation Iraqi Freedom

            Why do illegal weapons make it necessary to go to war with Iraq? These illegal weapons pose a serious threat to the U.S. people and the world. He has violated 17 UN resolutions trying to disarm him (Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs). He has refused to follow the UN mandates that are against him and continuously use the weapons in crazy ways that no humane person would do. There are records of him buying Eight-Hundred and nineteen Scud B missiles from Russia. Scud B missiles are long range missiles that go against UN resolution 687 made on April third, 1991 saying "requires Iraq to declare, destroy, remove, render harmless and not to use, develop construct, or acquire all ballistic missiles with range greater than 150 kilometers." (Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs). That resolution specifically states there can be no long range missiles present in Iraq, but the inspectors that were sent in repeated amount of times found the technology and assets to change a regular missile into a long range missile in 1998 (Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs). .
             On the first day of Operation: Iraqi Freedom Saddam launched two scud missiles at us from more than six-hundred kilometers away. That is four times the limit. If he can launch the missiles that far than he can obviously launch more powerful missiles even farther. He has the weapons and power to attack any country at any time. Iraq also admitted to the production of thousands of liters of anthrax, BW agents, and other biological weapons (Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs). In 1995, Iraq admitted to production and weoponization of biological agents and has not halted production (Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs). These facts show the brutal force of weaponry that Saddam yields in his right hand. He incessantly repudiates to follow the UN mandates that are set to disarm him, and this makes him an obvious threat to the world.

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