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Evolutionary Theory and Sex

            Evolutionary theory states that as individuals in a population move through regiosn, and.
             time, characteristics change from one generation to the next. The three tenets of.
             evolutionary theory are genetic variation happens, variation leads to a variable fitness and.
             natural selection leads to adaptation.
             1. Genetic variation happens as a result of sexual reproduction. Genetic.
             variation is a variation at levels of genes that results in different genes--hair color, eye.
             color, body build. They all come from individuals of the same species, but still different.
             2. Variation leads to variable "fitness": Fitness has to do with whether you as.
             an individual can pass on to the next generation. Can you have offspring? With an.
             increased fitness you stand a better chance of contributing offspring to the next.
             3. "Natural selection" leads to "adaptation". Natural selection process by.
             which population has pressure on them--not something that forces--survival of the fittest. .
             Adaptation means that a population has increased or improved its fitness--passed on from.
             parents, not learned. Some natural means by which individuals who have increased fitness.
             are more likely to contribute to offspring. Adapting to it's surroundings. Gives an.
             advantage to it's surroundings. Gives an advantage to those who are more fit. Lions with.
             darker manes get to mate with more females than lions with lighter manes. Females prefer.
             darker manes--get to spread their seeds.
             According to Angier sexual reproduction is dangerous. .
             -Sex is expensive. Must have specialized parts (eggs and sperm) and specialized.
             anatomy. .
             -Let someone else into your environment (possible disease infection), which isn't a.
             factor with asexual reproduction.
             Adapted advantages/benefits. .
             1. Genetic variation--result of sexual reproduction, among same species there are.
             differences. --Fitness--specific characteristics an individual possesses that will enable them.

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