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             Many say that love is a wonderful thing. Although this statement leaves sparse room for argument, it does little to define what love is beyond the vague realm of wonderful. In this essay I will attempt the difficult task of defining love by looking at the history, explaining what love is not, and examining the uses of love and the results of that usage.
             Humans have this thing we call love, an unexplainable feeling of compassion. The term is used often in everyday worldly issues and can be rather amusing. It's common to hear high school kids telling their "significant other" that they love them. But do they really? After a break-up, do they still love each other? For the duration of a marriage, you love the person, right? But what if it ends in divorce? Can you truly fall out of love with someone? The word is supposed to portray a powerful emotion. When someone claims to be in love with another, these words should be dearly meant by the speaker. Buddy Holly once said, "It's so easy to fall in love" in the lyrics to one of his songs. Why not? Its socially acceptable, its fun, and its enjoyable to care about someone and be cared about. No, I didn't forget the sex, no longer is there a "mating season", nope, sex anytime, anywhere.
             I will try now, to define what I see as love from an evolutionary standpoint. In this manor, I can see love as essential for our very existence. Not really in everyday terms, but without it think of how many less people there would be. Love can possibly be viewed as an addition to the sex drive.
             Love could have quite possibly come into existence after the human race began to gain its intelligence. With this new addition (which actually could not be considered new at any time because of its gradual appearance) humans could once again flourish. By gaining some special feeling for a mate, which we call love now, two parents could procreate the species for years to come.

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