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all you need is love

             Romeo and Juliet Montague recently celebrated their fourteenth wedding anniversary, a quiet dinner at home, no banquet, no family invited. The two children stayed the night at Benvolio's house. Romeo intends to take the next morning off. He is now an electrician specializing in computer repairs and, working by and for himself. Juliet is working on a bachelor's degree in accounting with an eye on law school, having spent much of the past dozen years raising two rambunctious boys, teaching them Shakespearean English and depriving them of those dangerous rubber-tipped play swords. Romeo and Juliet, we are happy to report, are still very much in love (Solomon 192).
             Romeo and Juliet: Can we ever consider the names separated? Romeo without his Juliet or Juliet without her Romeo, that would be unheard of. Everyone knows the story of the two star-crossed lovers, and it represents our idea of true love. The idea that true love is so passionate, so blinding, so intense, that even the thought of life without the beloved would be inconceivable. Caring for someone so much that in everything one does, one asks himself how this action will affect the beloved, or doing everything in one's just to see the beloved happy. This is true romantic love. .
             The love for a friend is truly a different picture. When one sees his/her friend upset, one will do everything in his/her power to cheer up their friend. But will also be honest with that friend and tell them "Hey, he was no good for you," or "Actually, you do look a little chubby in that dress." Friendship love is one of greater complexity even than of romantic love. Balancing the honesty with sincerity and loyalty takes much work. Friends are chosen family.
             So, which type of relationship is better for the soul, the person, the heart? I love all my friends, I would do anything for them, and I know that they would do the same. But everything that I do in my life doesn't revolve around them and vise-versa.

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