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All You Need Is Love

            Some people say that the main aim of life is money. They prove it with such words as: "You need money to live" or "You must provide for your family or for yourself". Some people say that the main thing in life is health. Different people - different minds.
             As to me, I think that the main thing in our life is love. Only love can make you long for acquiring something more, to reach above the common heights, to be the best. When a person is in love everything not only seems but is possible and can be overcome if needed.
             When you love you can handle all the hardships around you and be tolerant to anything. For instance, Mary was madly in love with her husband and that is why she managed to live with a gambler and drunkard. She just didn't care about that. He was really kind and sweet and gentle to her when he was sober and that was enough. She really didn't need anything more.
             When you love and are loved you often forget about the existing world. Nothing is important because you already have the main purpose, something which is worth living and prospering (or flourishing sometimes). And that is why you have everything and really don't need anything more.
             With love on your heart you can begin from the total zero or even sub-zero but you will have inspiration and motivation for doing something. There are a lot of people who are able of being the best of the best of the best but they just have no interest in this and there are people who are not-so-clever or not-so-strong but who do really incredible and amazing things just because they have the Wish to do it and they have the Person whom to devote this to.
             So, love and be loved - and you will have all the right to say "I have everything what I need" and you'll be absolutely right.

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