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Internet addiction

            A Research Paper on Internet Addiction.
             Is there a problem with Internet Addiction? The Internet has opened a whole new realm for everyone with a computer. Even people without computers have access to the Internet at libraries, schools, and friend's homes. Volumes and volumes of information are readily available at the stroke of a key or mouse pad. The Internet can be used for shopping, bill paying, banking and talking with family and friends. Chat rooms on line offer the chance to talk to people from all over the world, where only a few years ago, something like that was unheard of. There are game rooms available for anyone who wants to spend some time playing, whether it is at a casino table, slot machine, or in one of the many rooms where car racing and the like can and are played for hours on end. The Internet is a very informative, exciting, and entertaining part of our society, but the proper tools need to be put in place to help some people with their excessive cravings for Internet use. .
             An article by Gary Tate, of the Kessler News staff, at Kessler Air Force Base in Mississippi, states how "the computer world rivals peoples real world. Some people choose to commune with a computer, rather than their spouses and children." The spouse and children ultimately suffer because the individual has chosen to isolate themselves from the rest of the family. They prefer instead to spend untold hours "surfing the Net" in search of anything to get them away from reality. Some people even seek new relationships where they can hide from reality and secretly create their own little world, where reality will not interfere with them.
             In the same article written by Tate, a quote by Dr. Ivan Goldberg, a New York psychiatrist, who coined the term "Internet Addiction Disorder" states that IDA is not a recognized addiction, but "more like an out of control behavior that threatens to overwhelm the addict's normal life".

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