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             2 Factors of the economic development in China 6.
             3 Business culture and business manners of China 10.
             1 Chinese business manners and negotiation culture 10.
             3.2 The religion's role in China and Chinese business life 12.
             4 Finnish companies in China 13.
             4.1 Finnish companies in China 13.
             4.2 The strengths of Finnish companies 14.
             4.3 Weaknesses of Finnish companies 15.
             5 Trade between Finland and China: Through good relations to making excellent business 16.
             5.1 Export from Finland to China 17.
             5.2 Import to Finland from China 17.
             5.3 Finish investments to China 18.
             5.4 The Foundation of Today's Trade Relations between Finland and China 18.
             Sources 20.
             1 THE HISTORY OF CHINA.
             General overview of the country's history and historical events that play a major role in its economic development.
             1.1 The Dynasties of China.
             Chinese history is one of the oldest ones in the world. It developed in the fertile valley of the Yellow River. The known history starts from 2200 BC and the legends reach even further. The history can be divided to eras by dynasties. The first three dynasties were Xia (2205 - 1766 BC), Shang (1766 - 1022 BC) and Zhou (1022 - 277 BC). There is not very much proven information about these times, especially about the first dynasty. The later times of Zhou-dynasty were called the Spring & Autumn -period and Warring States -period. This first period saw the rising of many new ideas and philosophies, for example Taoism and Confucianism. The name of the second period describes the constant wars between different regions.
             At 221 BC the first Chinese Empire was built. The united of the small feudal states and the first emperor of China was Qin Shi Huang. The regime of the Qin-dynasty lasted only till 206 BC, but it was not a meaningless period. Qin established the Chinese administration system, standardised the writing and measurement systems, built roads and canals and started the erection of the only human construction that can be seen from the space: the Great Wall of China.


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