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Sacrifice between Raskolnikov and Sonia

            Sacrifice between Raskolnikov and Sonia.
             After a long exasperating reading through an insanely complex novel, Crime and Punishment, One will find themselves mentally anguished and disassociated with vocabulary understanding. Fyodor Dostoevsky style of writing was one of articulate detail composed with an elite use of a distinguished vocabulary. .
             A novice Reader will be confronted with an entangling panorama of twisted confusion spiced with ineligible jabberwocky. But don"t be fooled dear patron of this essay, enclosed in this book is a bountiful waterfall pouring forth only the most transcendental revelations. Phenomenal insight can be obtained.
             One can become aware of class distinction in a pheasant society plagued by putrid conditions and political upheaval. A Psychological bravado unfolds in the midst of an entangling love story. A detailed first hand account of one man's mental ramblings, utilitarian in their nature. A moral, ethical dilemma is exposed. The list can go on almost indefinitely.
             Crime and Punishment can be summed up in this carefully constructed synopsis; tension builds in the distressed young mind of Raskolnikov, as he attempts to overcome an impending moral dilemma. Raskolnikov frantically plots and defines a murder of a loathsome old pawnbroker while carrying about his daily life in an economically depriving situation.
             He believes his murder is justifiable due to his insatiable genius,.
             along with delusions of ultimately benefiting humanity. The ends justifies the means. For this old women is full of despicable hatred, she is nothing but rude and un-caring to all, her death will lead to the benefit of others. .
             Contained in this essay is an attempt at defining and comparing two focal characters that make themselves known in the novel. The characters of Raskolnikov and the beloved Sonia are carefully analyzed and exposed as the writer of this essay sees fit.

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