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Book review: Crime and Punishment

            1) Discuss and analyze the author's use of one of the following literary elements: setting,.
             In this novel, the author used the element of the setting as a way for the reader to.
             understand the characters. The city of St. Petersburg was chaotic and crowded. The city.
             seemed to be the epitome of filth and corruption. The characters in this book were all.
             going through extremely difficult times in their lives and the conditions in which they lived.
             didn't help. Almost every character in this book suffers from poverty. St. Petersburg.
             shows corruption, which is also a trait of many of the characters in the novel. The turmoil.
             and clutter of the city adds to the irritability of Raskolnikov and creates a trap that he can.
             not escape. Everywhere he goes he is reminded of the crimes he committed. Every time he.
             goes somewhere he is faced with situations that tempt him to break down and confess.
             The author made the city come across as harsh and unclean. The descriptions are dark and.
             depressing. This sets the mood for the book. Everything about the setting and themes of.
             the book is somber. If the novel was set in a sunny and happy town, the situations in the.
             book would not come across as dramatic as they did. I believe that the setting was an.
             important way for the reader to understand the characters and the trials they were going.
             2) Explain how the civilization represented in your novel seeks to create order and.
             In this civilization the main source of order is the police. They try to keep people.
             in line and always seem to be busy. After Raskolnikov committed murder, the police were.
             immediately on the case. Also, when Marmeladov was run over by a carriage, the police.
             were on the scene and helped out by carrying him to his house. Even with management the.
             police, order was definitely absent in this society. There were drunks all over the place and.
             people got away with many things that defied the law. As for meaning, the main motive of.

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