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The Great Gatsby and the American Dream

            Everyone who is going to America or is already in America strives for one thing: the American dream. The American dream is a concept used to describe the fluidity and ability of people to change their social and economical status. Unlike other rigid societies, America provides an easier way out of the slums and a higher place on the social ladder; a quicker and easier approach to elevating oneself. This concepts is clearly depicted and entrenched in the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. But like most dreams, this dream has its faults. The Great Gatsby explains and portrays these faults through imminent events in the book and the eventual downfall of Gatsby.
             As in all rags to riches stories, Gatsby begins life as the son of an impoverished farmer. He was dissatisfied with life and so decided to improve his status. In a short amount of time, he amassed a fortune- although illegally. In this classic rise from the dust story, the American dream is most present. The theme of the American dream is clearly meshed in the whole being of the story. Gatsby, as an ambitious young man, fulfils a dream of economical success. He quickly climbed the social ladder as he progressed his wealth. He subsidized the American dream; he lived it. He went from a poor young soldier to a rich, sophisticated gentleman. He embodied the concept of "get rich fast". He made his climb quickly and almost instantly.
             But this dream had its faults also. Gatsby was shunned in the harsh society of the time, not really accepted as one of the elite. There was always much speculation on his source of income and that was the source of his downfall. Gatsby did not gain his fortune in a legal way, and the ultimate knowledge of that led to his eventual pitfall. Although it was ironic that he used such tactics in order gain money and prestige to impress Daisy and ended up reverting her because he used such tactics.

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