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THe Great Gatsby

             The American dream is usually for things that will make a person content;.
             may it be love, wealth, or happiness each is a symbol for what people want. In The Great .
             Gatsby the American Dream is dirge. That is to say that the dream is a full of grief. .
             One idea is the novel shows the carelessness and lack of morals of this period. It has many examples of the living style of the people like, the glamour of Gatsby's life and the bitterness and pointlessness of the his friends and Gatsby's ableness to commit criminal acts show the time people were living in. Represented in another way, The Great Gatsby, also describes how the American dream can fail.
             The American dream is shown as a failure in the view that American political ideas conflict with the ways that people actually lived in their social classes. Mostly because the American political system is based on that no one is higher than another class and every one is equal. Despite discrimination still exists and the classes are still very distant from each other. An example of the differences in classes and why they can't live in harmony was when Myrtle tried to blend in with the higher class. This began with an affair with Tom and begins acting and living as though she was that class. This only made her snobbish towards people from her own class and forgets all about her roots in that class. Even with all this she still doesn't fit in the rich class and is considered an outsider and the rich don't accept outsiders. .
             In another way that the American dream can never truly be achieved was when Gatsby tries to win Daisy over. At first the different social class and beauty which Daisy has represents a way of life which is different from Gatsby's , only makes him want her more. Like before Gatsby tries to fit into another social group, and he tries even harder since his trust in life is involved.

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