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Life after death

             Is there life after death? If there is, what kind of life is it? This question boggles my mind more than any other. As I have grown up I have been taught many different things, but what am I really supposed to believe? Growing up I can always remember sitting in the first couple of rows during school mass with my class at Washinton Manor, and during every homily I can remember Father Pat telling us that we go to heaven. And not only did he tell us that we were going to heaven but he told us that heaven was the best place ever. He said we didn't have to do homework, or eat vegetables. As a kid I looked forward to going to heaven but as I grew up at St. Felicitas and heard Father say the same thing over and over again to the little children I was petrified of going. I think the reason why I was petrified was because I started to question if there really was a heaven any more. So many unanswered questions led me to think that there wasn't. Being a Christian, yes I am supposed to believe that there is a heaven, but I cant help but wonder if there really is one. If there is a heaven, then do you grow older or stay the age you died at? What if you are a baby, what happens to you then? Are you friends with every one in heaven? If my stepfather is in heaven right now and my mom gets married again, who will my mom love in heaven? Do families just continue to where they left off in heaven Are there still relationships in heaven? Or do you build new ones? Where is heaven? What does your soul look like? What happens when you go to heaven and leave all of your family behind? What is it like when you do not know any one in heaven? I just don't know how there is a heaven when it seems too be so complicated. I think I do believe because of my faith in God, but sometimes my mind just argues Gods kingdom of heaven. .
             The idea of reincarnation is starting to make sense to me as well .

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