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Ladie Macbeth

            In this essay I'm going to look at all the scenes involving Lady Macbeth to determine whether she is totally evil. I"m going to begin with the scenes where Lady Macbeth receives the letter from her husband following his conquest in battle.He has been given the title of Thane of Cawdor and writes to Lady Macbeth informing her of his news. He tells her also the prophesies the witches made to him and Banquo.
             Macbeth on his return from battle with Banquo when they were confronted by three witches which tell the pare about things that may come about in the future.The witches tell them about things that will happen to each of them and how it may affect their lives. Macbeth is very taken with what the witches have to tell him . They say that he will become Thane of Cawdor , Thane of Glams and King here after .
             Once Lady Macbeth receives the letter all sorts of things start to flood into her mine and she starts to decipher what the witches are getting at. By the end of the letter she has decided that Macbeth will become King and she plans the murder of Duncan.
             As she begin to plan how this is all going to work she also asks the spirits to enter her body and take the goodness from her and to make her evil."Come you spirits unsex me here". She admits that this is not in her nature and that it will not be easy to do.When Macbeth send further word about Duncan attending a banquet at their establishment she knows that killing Duncan is the only way of quickly removing him from the thrown, and ensuring the place for Macbeth and her self.
             Lady Macbeth somehow persuades Macbeth to kill Duncan even though he doesn't agree. She teases and torments him until he agrees. She does this by attacking his manhood, calling him a coward and mocking his bravery. Macbeth being a great worrier can't stand these things to be said. She also tells him that it was his idea in the first place and that she is only doing what he said they should do.

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