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The Virtues of change

             Over the centuries man has been witnessing great changes in the world, for example the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, or later the foundation of the European Union. There is little doubt as to what Europe would have looked today had the initiatives to form the European Union not been taken. The steps towards its establishment were quite audacious. There was (and still is) a lot of skepticism about its advantages but we can only nod in acknowledgment to those who had the faith and vision in doing so, but then these are only a few high-scaled examples. .
             We, as individuals, can start by implementing changes in our own lives by changing our life-style. For instance, climbing up the stairs instead of using the lift, or a daily attempt to sort out our garbage instead of unintelligently discarding everything into the general bin. I would say these changes should come from the authorities so that its adaptation in the mind of the "small" man takes its time.
             There comes a time in our lives when we have to make a decision that inevitably leads to a change like getting married, changing the house, the boyfriend or simply the car. These are pleasant and voluntary changes as they are neither imposed on nor compulsory. We can choose what we think is best for us and in most of the cases we accept them in a positive way. .
             I can speak for myself and how I merely "profited" from the fact when I accepted the offer of a 3-year assignment in Germany. At first I was reluctant and it seemed to me a great risk to step into a different world, getting used to the phonetic sound of that hard accented language and most of all the harsh climate where the sun does not have much to do on this side of the hemisphere. Fortunately reason got the better of me after deeper reflection on the matter and today I can say it was worth taking the risk. .
             On the other hand we sometimes face changes in our lives that we do not expect and which are merely imposed on us (loosing a job or someone, etc.

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