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Time capsule

             It is now 12:02 AM on New Years Day and I"m writing down my thoughts, feelings, goals and longings for the year 2004. In the year to come, I have goals to achieve, mistakes that I won't repeat, and dreams to be fulfilled. I look forward to changing some aspects of my life and yet strive to maintain the constants of family and love.
             We have many traditions in our family that make us very unique. The traditions of my family celebrate our love and our past times we have spent together. One of my favorite traditions is our Valentine's Day scavenger hunt. My two brothers and I scramble around our house in search of special presents that have deep meaning to us. Little notes with rhyming messages direct us to our gifts. This scavenger hunt reminds us of how much our parents love us and how much fun we have together. It allows me to just forget all of my worries and anxieties, and to enjoy myself. We have been doing this tradition for as long as I can remember. It is one that I cherish and always look forward to. Hopefully, it will continue to be celebrated in our home and live on in future generations. .
             One goal or change that I would like to occur in 2004 is that I would like to finally fulfill my dream of going on vacation to Cancun, Mexico. We have discussed, planned, and researched all aspects of this trip, but it never has come to fruition. Something always seems to get in the way. The different cultures and history of Mexico intrigues and captivates me. I would also like to meet new people of various lifestyles and traditions. Traveling to Mexico would deeply increase my knowledge on the history and way of life of those living in Mexico. Also, there are many things I would love to do there. Swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, and exploring the ancient Mayan ruins are just few of the many fantasies that I would be fulfilling. .
             Secondly, in the year of 2004, I would like to create more worthwhile and lasting friendships.

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